Candid Photography

Is it really a thing? How is it different from the overall traditional photography?

A candid photograph portrays the natural pose of your subject experiencing their immediate environment. While the subject may or may not be aware of their involvement in your frame, they definitely do not pose for the frame. Most of the time when a photographer is out on the streets to shoot random subjects/people it is not possible to request them to pose all the time. So what you do is patiently wait for the best shot to compose itself and when it appears (and it will) you capture it. Of course, manners dictates that you inform the person if they were unaware of their picture being taken. Remember, there is a fine line between candid photography and creepy behaviour.

The principle of candid photography can also be applied for wedding photography. It will enable you to shoot true emotions, raw and whole. Of course, to get the best ones you must be on your toes at all times; alert and vigilant to capture a beautiful moment as it unfolds. This will involve moving around the area a fair bit and experimenting with different angles and potential subjects. That way, you are likely to capture some truly heart-warming moments and create indelible memories for everyone involved. A good-looking candid usually speaks beyond what its subject feels. It highlights the general mood of the event and, if portrayed