Captain’s Log:

Ahoy there, maties! We know em’ matches are made among stars. A sailor swears by em’ stars, and during many a storm, em’ twinkies have guided me vessel home. Recently, me chum, Amit Jadhav decided to abandon the sea for a life on land. Aye, a fair dame was responsible for this. Me crew and meself set sail for Nasik. Of course, no one parties like me, maties. Especially when me best mate is tying a knot. The voyage was smooth sailing and me boys managed to click some great pictures.

On the way, met a merchant who fed us the most delicious misal me has eaten yet. I would kill for that tasty tidbit, arrrrrr!

Team Tortuga wish Amit a wonderful, anchored life on land while we continue to sail the open seas. Need us for something similar? Ring up the pirate and we’ll drop anchor near you.