Captain's Log

Thundering typhoons, maties. Are ye waiting to find yer soulmatey in the sea of life? The number of fish in the sea just dropped. Two of em’ fishes have decided to brave em’ storms of life together. Aye, me will down a few bottles to that.

When the new couple requested a pre-wedding shoot, me crew and meself heartily obliged. Let me tell you one thing, you scallywags. Shooting a couple before them wedding is when ye can click em’ at their happiest. Me crew and meself took away a treasure in learning from that voyage. Aye, most importantly, me crew were able to capture some cute (not a word I use a lot..arrrr) and funny moments of the couple.

That’s all for now, you jolly rascals. It is time me returned to me beloved sea. Before we go our ways, I do have some treasure for you.

Pro tip 1: Try to capture as many candid images as possible. Pro tip 1.1: Try not to be creepy about it.