Gettin’ a Range Rover Velar Dirty

Team Tortuga got busy for a few weeks thanks to all the love from you guys.

We covered a wide array of events and photoshoots. Just when we began to miss car shoots, like a godsend, we received a call from Just Urbane magazine. They wanted us to shoot the Range Rover Velar.

We packed our gear and headed off in search of a location that would complement the car’s character. Fondly referred to as the avant-garde Range Rover, this SUV is best-suited for a night out; heading to the hottest parties in town. After a bit of thought we decided to portray the car in different ambience and pay homage to Land Rover’s legendary off-roading prowess with some fun in the mud.

The light gods blessed us with even light throughout the duration of the shoot. Our team took advantage of the conditions and managed to pull off some jaw-dropping photography. The abandoned construction site and the car’s butch character went hand in hand. Just Urbane threw in some fancy driving as well, and our man clicked away happily.

Featured exclusively in the 2018 issue of Just Urbane magazine.

For a detailed review of the Velar, you know what to do:

Pro tip: When you have ample cloud cover, use them like a diffuser. Click away, folks!