Lord of the Rings - Audi A4

Fast asleep from another day of hectic work, my slumber was interrupted when Overdrive called me to shoot the A4 for them. “Another day, another car” is not the attitude I carry when shooting a car and it is something we resonate with at Tortuga. Each car is special and has its own story; regardless of how boring or exciting it may be. As a photographer, I feel it is my duty to tell the car’s story through the lens. So, I collected the essential details such as colour, usage and their expectations. Why? You ask? Because such details are important.

For example, a dark-coloured car can be shot even in harsh light but photographs of a light-coloured car will not be great if shot under the same conditions. They confirmed that the car was a dark blue and that meant I could start shooting early morning and not worry even if the shoot got delayed later into the day. With everything sorted out, we assembled at our secret location later that week. Truth be told, the A4 is more stunning in real life than it looks on paper or even on your screens. German efficiency and their famously low tolerance for nonsense is evident from each angle.

In a way, the A4’s conventional, symmetric design language (that some may call boring) is among the easier contours to shoot but I missed the lack of curves on this one. A lot of curves and sophistication in shapes means more drama and I appreciate that sort of drama. No matter. I made up for it with the action shots. As far as infusing drama into an action shot goes, the first thing to do is to set the camera at a slow shutter speed. This allows you to blur out the background while keeping the car in focus, creating the illusion of speed. Particularly useful to recreate 120 km/h shots while actually driving at 40 km/h. At the end of the day, the car belongs to Audi and nobody wants to bin it and then present “but I had to drive fast for a photograph” as an excuse.

For more tips and experiences from our crew, watch this space.

To know about the car check out OD's first drive review.

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