Tortuga is a media services firm that has, through expertise and experience, specialised in the fields of photography, film-making and graphic designing. Our portfolio also extends to services including t-shirt design, event planning, dubbing and a few others. Tortuga is run from the helm by Varun Kulkarni (Captain). Kulkarni considers his success is a product of the great men who mentored him in his early days and looks forward to doing his teachers proud by making Tortuga an undisputed leader in the market.


Varun Kulkarni
(The Captain)


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Caricature artist, Philip Mathew, also dons the role of Master Gunner for the Tortuga crew. His skill and work ethic closely resemble our own and he is a talent we may not deserve but one we certainly need.

Kundan Gujar (Able Bodied Sailor) is someone who is always on ground and fixing problems before they even begin. All this while shooting amazing photo and video content as well.


Rohan Kasbe (Able Bodied Sailor) is a celebrated photographer who has a budding presence on Instagram. His ability to capture frames that no one else even thinks of keeps his work contemporary.


Ravi Jadhav (Able Bodied Sailor) or Lensman Ravi as we call him, is a wizard with a camera and has added another feather to his cap by churning out some amazing post-processing work for us.


Amos Kuruvilla (Able Bodied Sailor) is the man behind the scenes who brings us our business and takes care of our presence and image in the market. Also an avid traveller himself, his professional contribution is as seamless as his personal experiences.


Kartik (Rigger) is the latest addition to our jolly crew and he uses software-magic to transform our photographer's work into the art that you buy.


Joshua (Able Bodied Sailor) juggles roles as a caretaker and handles our text work. Even though he may not admit it, he does have a way with words.


Aditi Thirani (collaboration for voice overs: is our primary dubbing asset. She may have been punished for talking too much in school but now her voice mints money and, boy, are we glad she is on our side.


Mayur Mahajan (sound studio collab: is a patient sound engineer who handles all of our sound-work. His subtle touches give our videos that extra punch to make sure the message is delivered spot-on.

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